Sponsor A Child

What is Sponsor a Child?

Kp for Kids is happy to provide a vehicle for friends/family/students and parents of KP for Kids to help students in need. All of our KP for Kids programs are located in public schools and often there are children that cannot afford all of the expenses associated with taking karate. Sponsor a Child will help students pay for uniforms, t-shirts, patches, promotions and fight gear as they continue their journey towards a junior black belt. We welcome you to experience the joy of “paying it forward” to a student at KP for Kids.

How do I Sponsor a Child?

At present, we have not yet acquired our non-profit status, so any donations to the Sponsor a Child Fund are not tax-deductible. If you would still like to Sponsor a Child, please send your donation to:

KP for Kids/Sponsor a Child

541 East 20th Street, 14G

New York, NY 10010-7616

ATTN:Amelia Sheftall

A donation of $50 dollars will cover the cost for a uniform, and first promotion for a student.