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How do I care for my karate uniform?

Simply washing your child’s uniform is fine – do not wash the belt though. The traditional karate belt should show all hard work, sweat and dirt that accumulates through training. But if you are compelled to get your uniform super white after every use… here is a useful link:



How do I fold my karate uniform?

We love this link that shows the proper way to fold your uniform (gi) either square or round:



What is meditation?



Why should my child meditate?



How do I tie my karate belt?

Good question, and our most commonly asked question! Here is a simple video link to follow:



What is a “kata”?

Kata (sometimes known as forms) is a sequence of choreographed movements performed against an imaginary set of opponents. Kata is a very traditional part of martial arts training. Historically, kata has been used as a way to retain fitness as warriors travelled. When done properly, a karate student should feel they have had a good workout/training session after having completed even a basic kata.


What is Osu?

Osu is a word that is used frequently in karate classes. It has many meanings including hello/goodbye, yes, I understand and I am trying my best! Osu is short for oshishinobu which means to try hard and to be patient with oneself and others.


What if I wanted to sponsor a child?

There’s information on sponsoring a child at this link.