Betty Zimmer

momBetty Zimmer was born on a ranch in Nebraska in 1924 and has been meditating since she was a young child. She has been both a friend and meditation mentor to Sensei Amelia for over 14 years. Betty’s unique ability to share her varied, fascinating life experience makes her a wonderful life coach to all of her many friends whether young, old or any age in between. She began her more formal study of meditation at a Hindu temple in Hollywood where she lived with her husband. She read translations of ancient scripture and heard wonderful lectures on what she could become if she meditated. She was asking herself the “big” questions, like: Why are we here? Why can’t I have children of my own? Why am I me and not a princess or Australian aborigine? Why do some people suffer such sad lives?

Betty’s natural curiosity and propensity for self-study led her to become an Interfaith Minister so she could teach others. She taught Science of Mind which teaches that what we think determines what we experience in life. Science of Mind emphasizes being positive about yourself, and being kind to yourself so that you can be kind to others. Betty believes that you have to make yourself happy and that no one else can do that for you.

Betty has practiced Hinduism and Zen, she was raised as a Methodist and she married a man of Jewish faith. Her parents followed one political party and she and her husband followed another. It is her opinion that we do not need to argue with each other. We need to respect each other’s opinions. It is Betty’s many golden nuggets of wisdom that have gained Sensei Amelia’s greatest respect and admiration. This is why many of our meditation lectures are based on the inspirational words of Betty Zimmer, or as we call her, Betty-ma.


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